Strafford Webinar – Health Insurance Exchanges: Impact on Healthcare Providers – Navigating Legal Developments on Exchanges and Analyzing the Interplay with Managed Care Contracts


Jackie Selby, Member of the Firm, and Jane Kuesel, Senior Attorney, will join a panel discussion, "Health Insurance Exchanges: Impact on Healthcare Providers," during this Stafford Publications webinar.

This CLE webinar will provide counsel for healthcare providers a review of the new health insurance exchanges — how they will work and their anticipated impact for providers. The panel will provide guidance for providers to prepare to adapt to the healthcare exchange environment.

The Affordable Care Act requires that health insurance exchanges be operational by Jan. 1, 2014. With an anticipated 30 million people being added to the health insurance market, healthcare providers must understand and prepare for the impact of the exchanges.

Providers should review managed care contracts, which may require amendments or not even apply to the new products that plans will offer after the exchanges go into effect. Providers must also examine the rate and fee schedules to determine what will be covered by the exchanges.

As the new healthcare exchange environment rapidly approaches, healthcare providers and managed care organizations must be up to date on the related federal and state law developments to understand how the exchanges will affect them.

Listen as this authoritative panel of healthcare attorneys discusses health insurance exchanges and their impact for healthcare providers. The panel will examine key areas that providers should consider when planning to adapt to the new exchanges.

 I. New health insurance exchanges
II. Impact on healthcare providers
III. Best practices for working with the exchanges


The panel will review these and other key questions:

• How will health insurance exchanges impact healthcare providers?
• Will managed care agreements apply to the new exchange products?
• What are the key considerations for healthcare providers as the exchanges go into effect?

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