Spotlight on Emerging Wage and Hour Investigations and Litigation in the Health Care Industry

A Complimentary Webinar

Join us in a discussion that addresses federal and state laws affecting health care employers, including the complicated maze of California law.

The health care industry has become a major target for wage and hour litigation and government investigations, and new issues are constantly emerging. To minimize the risk of expensive and time-consuming litigation, employers should proactively analyze their pay practices and policies and seek advice regarding any potential issues. Correcting potential problem areas in pay and timekeeping practices now will go a long way toward decreasing an employer's vulnerability to plaintiffs' counsel, who are looking for the next big wage and hour complaint. This webinar will focus on tactics that employers can implement to stay ahead of the law to ensure compliance with many of the most pressing wage and hour issues plaguing the health care industry.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Enforcement Practices
  • Potential Threat Areas:
    • Off-the-Clock Work/Pre-Shift and Post-Shift Work
    • Meal Periods
    • Travel Time
  • "8/80s," Alternative Workweek Schedules, and Other Overtime Issues
  • Differentials and Other Regular Rate Issues
  • California: A Trip to the Wage and Hour Behavioral Health Unit

Labor and Employment Speakers:
Adam C. Abrahms, Member
Michael F. McGahan, Member
Aaron F. Olsen, Associate

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