Roundtable: Guiding Hospitality Employers — How to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and Avoid Wage and Hour Mistakes

New York, NY

Epstein Becker Green

250 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10177

Epstein Becker Green invites you to a timely and informative roundtable on the implications of the #MeToo movement for the hospitality industry and how to ensure compliance with exacting federal and state wage and hour laws.

1. Managing in the #MeToo Era: The Latest Legal Developments and Their Implications for Hospitality Employers

The #MeToo era is in full swing, and it shows no signs of abating anytime soon. For a host of reasons, the hospitality industry is a particularly vulnerable target of the movement, along with #TimesUp, #MeToo’s sister campaign, which is largely focused on providing sophisticated legal assistance to lower-wage workers with sex harassment claims. In addition, significant new and pending changes to New York State and New York City law—including the “Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act,” which takes effect on October 9, 2018—will impose substantial burdens on hospitality employers, making it all the more important that they have the most effective practices in place to prevent and respond to sex harassment in the workplace.

We will provide you with insight on proper training, prevention, and awareness with respect to these and related issues.

2. Wage and Hour: Tackling Some of the Top and Toughest Issues for Hospitality Employers

With more than 200 million visitors a year and a $5 billion tourism industry, New York City is home to over 24,000 restaurants and 280 hotels (averaging more than 50,000 employees). While it is challenging enough to operate a hospitality business, it is uniquely burdensome to ensure full compliance with New York’s ever-changing and employee-friendly wage and hour laws and regulations. We will lead you through an in-depth discussion surrounding important and nuanced issues, such as tip pooling, spread of hours, and call-in pay requirements. We will also provide you with an understanding of your legal obligations, best compliance practices, and insight into what changes to expect and prepare for in the coming years.

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