Protecting Trade Secrets: Best Practices in Investigating and Remediating Theft

New York, NY

Midtown Loft & Terrace

267 5th Avenue

New York, NY 10016

Daniel R. Levy, Member of the Firm, will participate in the panel discussion "Protecting Trade Secrets: Best Practices in Investigating and Remediating Theft," at the White Collar Crime Tech (WCCT) 2018 conference. 

Nearly 80% of employees take sensitive data with them when they leave their jobs. Learn what information escapes your company when your personnel join a competitor or start their own business. This panel led by expert forensic investigators and experienced trial lawyers in IP theft cases will reveal best practices and techniques to:

  • Prevent the loss of sensitive information with effective controls and rapid identification of theft attempts;
  • Assess whether departing employees have misappropriated sensitive information in a repeatable, cost-effective manner;
  • Prepare complete forensic preservations and analyses where artifacts of theft are identified;
  • Boost turnaround times and storage capacity by quickly recycling hardware after employees depart;
  • Prove the occurrence of theft through authentic, verifiable evidence; and
  • Remediate the misappropriated information from your adversary’s IT infrastructure.

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