Protecting Portable PHI: Tips for Providers, Physicians, and Allied Healthcare Professionals


René Quashie, Senior Counsel, will co-present "Protecting Portable PHI: Tips for Providers, Physicians, and Allied Healthcare Professionals," an American Bar Association Health Law Section webinar.

The use of portable technology in delivering healthcare services affords tremendous benefit to healthcare providers, physicians, and allied healthcare professionals. For example, clinical patient information and Protected Health Information (PHI) can be communicated and exchanged on portable electronic devices with ease and speed. HIPAA requires certain safeguards be adopted to protect the privacy and security of clinical information contained and transmitted with portable devices; especially because there is a high potential for PHI to be lost, hacked into, or subject to malicious malware. Provider entities as well as individual physicians and allied healthcare professionals are liable for HIPAA Privacy and Security breaches. Individual practitioners cannot universally depend on their employer to secure their mobile devices. This webinar will address the risks and liabilities associated with portable electronic device use and the panelists will provide practical tips to attorneys who represent providers and practitioners on how to safely meet HIPAA Privacy and Security requirements.

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