Pedorthic Footcare Association 52nd Annual Symposium & Exhibition: The Anatomy of a Government Audit

Albuquerque Convention Center401 2nd Street Northwest
Albuquerque, New Mexico

George B. Breen, Member of the Firm, will present "The Anatomy of a Government Audit" at the Pedorthic Footcare Association 52nd Annual Symposium & Exhibition.

It is critical for providers and suppliers to understand the focus of federal government enforcement activities in order to navigate the complex audit processes to which they are now subject. This session offers an overview of RAC, MIC and ZPIC audits. It explores best practices in handling the audit and provides an overview of the administrative process by which audit results and demand for repayment may be challenged. It also covers proactive steps businesses can take to implement and update a compliance program to better prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse in order to minimize the red flags the auditors are looking for.

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