OFCCP Gets Tough: Prepare for Aggressive Affirmative Action Nondiscrimination Enforcement


Dean R. Singewald II, Associate, will speak on the following topics: 

  1. How the Obama Administration has re-shaped the OFCCP into an aggressive enforcement arm of affirmative action and nondiscrimination compliance, and what it all means for your organization 
  2. How the new CSAL procedures could expose your organization to unlimited investigations of nondiscrimination policies and practices 
  3. How the OFCCP is targeting employers who are recipients of funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) 
  4. Current and new affirmative action obligations that government contractors and subcontractors must now meet 
  5. Documentation practices that will help you demonstrate proper compliance 
  6. Possible revisions to regulations governing affirmative action programs for veterans and disabled individuals 
  7. How to avoid violations for lack of outreach to veterans and disabled individuals 
  8. Recent developments 

This session is especially appropriate for human resources professionals and Affirmative Action administrators.

Registration fee: $247.

To register, contact HR Hero: www.hrhero.com/audio/affirmative-action/? or (800) 274-6774.