NYSBA: Legal Ethics in the Digital Age 2018

New York, NY

1221 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10020

Shawndra Jones, Senior Counsel, will speak on three panels at "Legal Ethics in the Digital Age 2018," a live event and webcast hosted by the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA):

What Attorney Competence Means When It Comes to Handling Electronically Stored Information

  • What do the New York rules and ethics opinions say about technical competence?
  • What knowledge is required for eDiscovery?
  • What can happen to a lawyer when things go wrong?

Tips and Tools for Protecting Privilege and Work-Product in Electronic Communications and Publications

  • How does RPC 1.6 Address Confidentiality of Electronic Communications?
  • How does RPC 4.4(b) Address Receipt of Inadvertent Communications?
  • How Might Clawback Agreements and Orders Protect Against Inadvertent Waiver?

Managing Records in the Cloud and Elsewhere: Takeaways for Organizing Your Client Files

  • What due diligence and supervision mean to a lawyer, and how they may be achieved
  • What data security entails, and what might be reasonable steps to secure client data
  • If there is a breach, who must you tell and what else must you do?

For more information, please visit NYSBA.org.