NY: Economic Reality Bites: Handling Major Employment Law Challenges Sparked by the Economic Downturn

The Yale Club of New York City50 Vanderbilt Avenue
Grand Ballroom, 20th Floor
New York,  NY 10017

In this difficult and uncertain time of economic crisis, businesses across the country and in virtually every industry are confronting serious strategic and operational challenges. And, increasingly, employers must make myriad, tough decisions on an array of critical personnel matters. From downsizing and benefit reductions to protecting intellectual property, the issues facing employers in the current economic downturn are complex and fraught with legal peril.

Clearly, this is not the time to unwittingly invite potentially costly and time-consuming litigation. Indeed, it is more important than ever for employers to have the legal information and practical guidance required to make the right decisions in the right way.

In this special EBG briefing, we target the key issues ignited by today's new economic realities and provide specific suggestions for minimizing the legal risks inherent in making the hard decisions that your company currently faces or may soon confront.