Noncompete Agreement Litigation Developments, Strafford Legal Publications


Peter A. Steinmeyer, Member of the Firm, will join the faculty of this live CLE webinar.

Employers frequently use noncompete agreements to protect confidential business information from misappropriation by departing employees. With continuing layoffs and business information easily accessible via computers and the Internet, enforceable noncompetes are critical in today's economy.

Employment attorneys crafting noncompete agreements must avoid unreasonable and overbroad provisions. Courts are increasingly scrutinizing and, in some instances, refusing to enforce agreements that go too far to restrict employee activity.

Employment counsel seeking to enforce noncompete agreements must develop strategies for evaluating potential claims, weighing whether to litigate or settle claims early, and conducting and complying with the discovery process in the most cost-effective manner.

The panel will review these and other key questions:

  • How can noncompete agreements be structured to avoid being found an unfair restraint on trade and competition?
  • What are the key steps for employers to follow, beginning with hiring and prior to a termination, to reinforce the confidentiality of company information with employees?
  • What legal considerations should employment counsel take into account when deciding whether litigation is the most appropriate means for addressing an alleged breach of a noncompete agreement?

Following the speaker presentations, attendees will have an opportunity to get answers to specific questions during the interactive Q&A.

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