New Wage and Vacation Law in New York State

Audio Conference

A new law took effect in New York in April 2011—one that requires more paperwork and time from employers, which also means more risk of penalties and trouble.

It's the Wage Theft Prevention Act. Thanks to this act, employers are now required to present new hires and existing employees with a statement of their regular pay rate, their overtime pay rate, and the usual pay date—and there are stringent requirements and high penalties for notice and record keeping violations.

In this informative session, Epstein Becker Green attorneys Michael Kalish and Carrie Corcoran will make sense of the Wage Theft Protection Act and offer practical tips to ensure that you are in compliance. They'll note the thorniest parts of the law that are likely to trip up record keepers, as well as provide an overview of other important New York wages and hour laws that employers need to comply with—but that often trip them up.

Learning Objectives:

  • 3 things to do NOW to comply with New York's new Wage Theft Prevention Act
  • Review of the 7 pieces of information that should be included in wage statements
  • New retaliation penalties included in the Act

For more information, visit the State Law Training website.