New Direct Deposit and Payroll Card Rule in New York

Webinar (EST)

Nancy L. Gunzenhauser and Ann Knuckles Mahoney, Associates, will co-present "New Direct Deposit and Payroll Card Rule in New York," a Lorman Education Services webinar. 

The New York State Department of Labor recently adopted regulations governing the use of direct deposit and payroll cards, which becomes effective March 7, 2017. This topic will assist persons responsible for payroll obligations to understand how to lawfully compensate employees through direct deposit or payroll cards in New York. Attendees will learn what type of notice must be provided and how to obtain consent for payments made through direct deposit or payroll cards. Even for employers who already have consent forms on file, the regulations require action. This material is designed to explain what steps should be taken to ensure compliance and will cover the details of a lawful payroll card program, including restrictions on usage, additional notice requirements, and impermissible fees and costs. 

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