National Business Institute: Rhode Island Human Resource Law – What You Need to Know About Discipline, Termination, Workplace Behavior, and Privacy Issues

Live Online Seminar (ET)

Francesco (Fran) A. DeLuca, Senior Counsel, will present two webinars at the "Rhode Island Human Resource Law: What You Need to Know Now" online seminar, hosted by the National Business Institute (NBI).

Stay up to date on the latest legislative changes and court decisions impacting human resource practices. This course focuses on day-to-day issue spotting - covering current hot-button issues and highlighting practical pointers to avoid and handle common problem areas. Faculty will discuss the critical legal issues needed to know from hiring to firing, including wages and benefits, workplace privacy, discrimination and more. 

Mr. DeLuca will present:

Employee Discipline and Termination

  • Evaluating Employee Performance While Mitigating Liability
  • Employee Discipline Plan and Documentation
  • Legal vs. Illegal Reasons for Terminating an Employee
  • Disciplining an Employee Without Fearing a Retaliation Claim

Workplace Behavior and Privacy Issues

  • Employee Surveillance
  • Searches of Desks, Smartphones, Lockers, Vehicles, Equipment, Briefcases, etc.
  • Monitoring Employee Communications: Calls, Email and Internet Use
  • Dress Code/Personal Appearance
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Psychological and Personality Tests
  • Workplace Violence
  • Off-Duty Behavior and Activities
  • Policies to Have in Place

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