#MeToo & Effective Strategies in Investigating Sexual Harassment Claims

Webinar (ET)

Jeffrey M. Landes, Member of the firm, will co-present "#MeToo & Effective Strategies in Investigating Sexual Harassment Claims," an online webinar hosted by Thomson Reuters. 

The advent of the #MeToo movement has pulled back the curtain on the long-buried and widespread issue of sexual harassment of women in the workplace. Thanks to a number of high-profile disclosures, many companies and organizations have renewed or revamped policies, procedures and codes of conduct aimed at preventing and responding to claims of sexual harassment. Investigating such claims, however, can be challenging; particularly without concrete evidence. This engaging and thought-provoking session addresses:

  • Proven, best practice strategies in investigating claims of sexual harassment
  • How companies have revised or updated policies related to workplace behaviors
  • Evaluating the impact of the #MeToo movement and the American workforce
  • Should outside counsel be retained in investigating sexual harassment claims?
  • Review and analysis of sexual harassment case studies

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