Life after Ledbetter: What the Supreme Court’s Decision Portends for Pay Discrimination Claims

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Join us as we traverse the landscape in the wake of Ledbetter and provide legal insights and practice guidance on:

  • The likely reach of Ledbetter on future "disparate treatment?" pay claims based on sex, as well as race, national origin and other protected categories under Title VII and related anti-discrimination statutes;
  • The potential limits of Ledbetter on "disparate impact?" claims, as well as on cases brought under the Equal Pay Act, 42 U.S.C. Section 1981(race & national origin claims) and state/local fair employment practices laws;
  • The possible effect of Ledbetter on the "continuing violation?" exception to the filing deadline in harassment and hostile work environment cases;
  • How understanding dissenter Justice Ginsburg's anger can help employers prevent "Lilly Ledbetter?" lawsuits;
  • Other practical steps to avoid pay discrimination claims; and
  • Will Congress take Justice Ginsburg's call to legislatively overrule Ledbetter?