Interns and the Law: Structuring a Compliant Internship Program That Meets Wage and Hour Guidelines


Susan Gross Sholinsky and Jeffrey Landes, Members of the Firm, will present "Interns and the Law: Structuring a Compliant Internship Program That Meets Wage and Hour Guidelines," a webinar hosted by C4CM.

Unpaid interns, paid interns ?... are they employees or not? What difference does it really make? When it comes to wage and hour law, it makes a big difference.

Find out how to structure your internship program so that it meets wage and hour guidelines. This timely webinar will walk you through how to minimize your organization's liability and lessen the risk of potential wage and hour related lawsuits.

In just 75-minutes, you will learn:

  • Compliant recruiting and hiring practices for seasonal interns (including critical language for contracts)
  • Appropriate assignments during the Internship, and what summer interns should NOT be doing
  • How the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) applies to summer interns
  • How to handle money, academic credit, benefits, company discounts, and other remuneration for interns
  • Different rules for-profit and non-profit companies, as well as employers in the public sector
  • Child Labor Laws and how they apply to interns
  • What to do when summer and the internship ends

Plus, you will explore how to protect your organization from common blunders in intern/seasonal hiring and misclassification, well before the influx of summer talent begins, including:

  • Specific terms and conditions to include in internship agreements, and whether they should be written or verbal
  • Rules to consider if you're thinking of hiring an intern full time down the road
  • When workers' compensation or other insurance applies, and how to handle unemployment insurance
  • Gotchas to be aware of when setting up school internship programs
  • Wage and hour basics for paying seasonal or temporary employees

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