ICLE Labor & Employment Law Institute: The E-Workplace – Reducing Employer Liability Versus Respecting Employee Privacy

Plymouth, MI

The Inn at St. John's

Adam S. Forman, Member of the Firm, will present "The E-Workplace: Reducing Employer Liability Versus Respecting Employee Privacy," a session at the ICLE Labor and Employment Law Institute, which runs April 14 to 15, 2016.

Mr. Forman will discuss the latest developments in technology and the workplace such as “disappearing” and “anonymous” apps, live-stream apps, collaboration platforms, and digital interview platforms and explain the NLRB’s most current views on these technologies and how they are impacting employers and employees alike. Get answers to pressing questions like: Are posts on social media sites legally protected? Can conduct via employer-provided technology trigger an employer’s duty to take prompt remedial action? What are the risks of implementing a BYOD policy?

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