HR Checklist for Health Care Employers: A Bloomberg BNA Webinar


Lynn Shapiro Snyder and Susan Gross Sholinsky, Members of the Firm, present "HR Checklist for Health Care Employers," a Bloomberg BNA Webinar.

The health care industry faces a myriad of complex challenges ranging from economic pressures to regulatory compliance to issues surrounding industry consolidation and reform. Counted among those challenges is the need to remain in compliance with the changes in federal, state and local employment law and regulations as well as policy and procedural changes, including those resulting from evolving technology. Health care industry employers are wise to "pause" from time to time to ensure that current human resources and employment practices are compliant and represent industry best practices.

The faculty for this program will address policies, procedures, and employment-related records with a particular emphasis on health care industry employers. They will outline important tips that may be implemented to manage a productive, efficient, and compliant human resources department including the development of policies, procedures and training programs.

Educational Objectives

  • Learn about pre-employment processes including interviews, background/exclusion checks, immigration, and the employment application.
  • Understand various agreements, including offer letters and employment agreements, commission agreements, enforceable restrictive covenants and intellectual property, agreements to engage in alternative dispute resolution, and separation agreements.
  • Find out about wage and hour classification issues, including employee versus contractor status, and exempt versus non-exempt employees.
  • Learn about job descriptions and personnel files, including performance reviews and disciplinary documentation.
  • Discover information about notice posting requirements and recordkeeping.
  • Understand manager and employee training programs.
  • Learn about Whistleblowing and corporate compliance codes of conduct.
  • Find out about handbook policies and procedures, including those regarding social mediators provide.

Who would benefit most from attending this program?

Chief legal counsel; human resources directors; chief operating officers; chief compliance officers.

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