Health Care Compliance Association Web Conference: Beyond the Basics — The Intersection of Revenue Cycle Effectiveness and Compliance and What You Need to Know to Improve Both at the Same Time

Web Conference

Presented together by Epstein Becker Green attorney David E. Matyas and health care consultant Jeff Sinaiko, this session is intended for senior executives, compliance officers, operations and compliance managers, health lawyers, and others who are aware of some high-profile compliance issues within the revenue cycle to varying degrees, but not aware of all the various compliance issues, the areas that they can impact, and how improving compliance in such areas can also improve financial performance. This is critical as it represents a fundamental area of compliance exposure where compliance and business performance intersect.

The session will include:

  • A detailed discussion of legal and operational sources of compliance problems within the revenue cycle beyond the basics such as coding
  • Examples of complex issues to be addressed include: site of service, professional scope of practice, clinical documentation, financial status, provider numbers, incident to services and impact of joint ventures on billing compliance
  • Practical recommendations for identifying and addressing the issues and examples where opportunities for improvement have been quantified
  • Specific examples of projects that are likely to provide Return on Investment ("ROI") and discussion of how best to achieve such ROI

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