Health Care and Life Sciences Non-Competes and Trade Secret Protection: Get the Rx for Effective Agreements and Policies


Presented by:
Frank C. Morris, Jr.
Zachary C. Jackson

The continued success of any health care organization is tied directly to its ability to develop, protect, and retain its human capital, proprietary information, and key external relationships. In today's competitive global environment, this objective has never been more important or—given a highly mobile workforce and the increasingly portable nature of digitally stored corporate information—more difficult to accomplish. 

During this webinar, the presenters will provide practical guidance and tips for health care organizations, including the following specific topics:

  • Which noncompetition agreements and anti-raiding provisions can be used with providers?
  • Which non-compete agreements and anti-raiding provisions can be used with health care executives?
  • How can trade secrets be protected as to both providers and health care executives?
  • Are patient and customer lists protectable proprietary data?

Join us for a discussion of state-of-the-art protections for trade secrets and against unfair competition and employee raiding under the unique rules applicable to the health care and life sciences industry.

If you have questions about this briefing, please contact
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