Georgetown University: Advanced E-Discovery Institute 2009

Capital HiltonWashington, DC

Our recession-ridden economy requires a vast array of organizations to maintain or retrain specialists in-house or as outside consultants to oversee an e-discovery process that is both highly financially sound and defensible.

Compounding the financial constraints are the increasingly common threats of spoliation sanctions, massive pre-trial expense and professional liability, all of which have made too real the potential for serious repercussions for anyone in the e-discovery field. This combination of issues is creating the need for practitioners to learn the latest trends in reducing expenses and risk while delivering solid, quality results. The Advanced E-Discovery Institute offers attendees an opportunity to focus on the pressing issues of today's legal climate with professionals from across the country.

EpseinBeckerGreen attorney Frank C. Morris, Jr. will be one of the panelists at the luncheon presentation entitled "Controlling E-Discovery Costs in Smaller Stakes Litigation." Mr. Morris and the other panelists will discuss creating e-discovery protocols for the "smaller stakes" case, assessing scalability and proportionality, developing and staying within budget, dealing with service providers, and developing the necessary expertise on costs and technology for the small stakes litigation.

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