Executive Telehealth Roundtable Summit 2.0


Rene Quashie, Senior Counsel, and Mark Hamelburg, Member of the Firm, will speak at the Executive Telehealth Roundtable Summit 2.0.

On April 10, Mr. Quashie presents "Step Three: Privacy Restrictions." Privacy issues can present serious concerns from patients to providers to the medical device/technology companies supplying the device/software, and everyone in between. Here are some of the questions we will cover in the privacy and security discussion:

  • Do you have a written privacy policy? Does it identify what to do if a breach occurs?
  • Does your policy stipulate an audit trail process?
  • Do you have a telehealth informed consent policy for the patient
  • Do you have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy?
  • Do you work with outside entities that are defined as Business Associates (BAs)? When do you determine they are BAs—and when do they have to sign an agreement?

On April 11, Mr. Quashie and Mr. Hamelburg join a panel discussion titled "Reimbursement: The Telemedicine Landscape." Speakers walk attendees through the complicated reimbursement process for Medicaid, Medicare, and private payer policies.

For more information, please contact Mr. Quashie and Mr. Hamelburg.