Employment Litigation: Summary Judgment Motion Strategies


David Garland, Member of the Firm and Chair of the Labor and Employment Steering Committee, will copresent "Employment Litigation: Summary Judgment Motion Strategies: Leveraging Discovery Tools, Statement of Facts, and Timing in Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Claims," a Strafford webinar.

This CLE webinar will provide employment counsel with strategic techniques for pursuing or defending summary judgment motions. A panel of experienced employment litigators will outline their perspectives and approaches to refine and improve summary judgment motion practice.

Summary judgment is one of the most critical stages in employment litigation. An employer's successful summary judgment motion can save millions in litigation costs. For plaintiffs' counsel, defeating a summary judgment motion is equally important.

To effectively advocate for clients, employment counsel must be well versed in summary judgment practice and plan strategically to bring or defend against motions from the very outset of the case. Boilerplates and templates are far from adequate for summary judgment motions of any kind, but particularly with the nuanced challenges presented by employment claims. This requires an advanced understanding of motions practice unique to employment litigation.

The panel will also provide you with the tools to use the statement of facts to your client's advantage in employment cases, which are usually fact-intensive.

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