Employment Law Developments in the Financial Sector: Using and Protecting Proprietary Assets in the Digital Age

Webinar (EDT)

Protecting trade secrets and intellectual property is crucial for any financial sector employer. Even with a robust protection plan and secure means of keeping those trade secrets and intellectual property confidential, employers can find themselves victims of trade secret misappropriation by competitors or devious employees. Employers must also look for ways to avert claims of misappropriation when hiring employees from competitors. This webinar will discuss current developments in the law and offer suggestions to strengthen employer protections in the digital age. 

Topics to be discussed in this webinar include:

  • Social media‚Äôs impact and enforcement actions taken on restrictive covenants and data protection policies
  • The expanded scope of criminalization of trade secret misappropriation: when does and should the government intervene?
  • The Stored Communications Act and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: recent developments and considerations for litigation
  • Proactive measures for financial services employers: a discussion of best practices

Labor and Employment Speakers:
Aime Dempsey
Anthony J. Laura
Lauri F. Rasnick

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