Employment Law 101: From Both the Executive’s & Employer’s Points of View

New York, NY

Jeffrey Landes, Member of the Firm, co-presents "Employment Law 101: From Both the Executive's & Employer's Points of View," hosted by the Wharton Club of New York.

In this program, a panel of two employment lawyers will address a number of key concerns of both employees and employers, with Mr. Landes representing the latter. Whether as an executive it’s a new employment offer, employment agreement, consulting agreement, non-compete agreement or termination you are facing, or you are an owner or principal looking to protect your company in these or other situations, this program provides an introduction to a number of employment law issues.

Topics include:

  • Is it typically better to have an Offer Letter or an Employment Agreement? Is it important to “get it in writing” first? Does it really matter? What are some important things to ask for if you are the Executive? What are some important things to be careful about if you are the Company’s owner or principal?
  • Can you ever protect yourself if you are an Executive with respect to Non-Competes and other Company documents, and what if the Company tells you these documents are just “standard”? How can a Company seek to protect its information and intellectual property, let alone its customers and employees?
  • What if you fear being terminated, or you’ve just been terminated - - is there anything you can do? And what are some things a Company might consider doing if it’s believed that an employee just isn’t working out?
  • What is a "Performance Improvement Plan" and am I really at risk? Why might an Employer give an employee such a document?
  • Understanding some of the risks of your working as an independent contractor versus the pitfalls of “misclassification” if you are an employer.
  • On whose side is HR anyway? What are some consequences to a Company of not using an HR function?
  • Do you know what documents you have signed or where those papers are located, or if you are an employer, are your documents in order?
  • Can you be more pro-active as an Employee when you see trouble ahead? Or if you are an employer, would it be prudent to conduct an HR audit or employee training in light of the increased regulatory environment?
  • When might be a good time to consult with your own legal counsel?

While there’s no “one size fits all” answer, and everyone should consult their own legal counsel for advice as to their own circumstances, this program will begin to address some of these more pressing issues.

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