Employment Discrimination Litigation: Expert Defense Strategies for Leading Outside Counsel and In-House Counsel on Litigating Today’s Key Issues Involved in Representing Management

Millennium UN Plaza HotelNew York, New York

This conference is devoted entirely to the defense of claims and will be led by 37 in-house counsel, 23 federal judges, and the top outside counsel defense litigators and firms.

The volume of employment discrimination litigation has greatly increased. The cases are complex and the stakes involved for defendants are exceptionally high. The best plaintiff attorneys are involved in these cases and the defense bar is seeing more and more class actions and collective claims. But in defending and managing these complex claims, counsel for management face a distinct uphill battle, and there is simply no room for error in the defense of these claims.

Epstein Becker Green attorney Lauri F. Rasnick will be one of the speakers at the session entitled "The Rise in Sexual Harassment Claims: Minimizing Conduct or Showing That It Had No Effect on the Discriminatee." Topics will include:

  • What conduct is now "severe or pervasive" in the eyes of your jury (vs. a jury in some other city or state)?
  • The hostile work environment: recent changes that make it more difficult for employers to defend against them, at least at the summary judgment stage
  • How to counter claims by employees who feel that "displeased" is harassment, or just do not like the boss, and claim harassment as a way to get rid of that boss
  • Sexual harassment claims, where the relationship was apparently consensual at the beginning but then changed
  • How not to let the secondary fallout from the claims (beyond the legal claims) impact the cases
  • How to defend against claims when a key executive is the alleged perpetrator or if there are allegations of physical abuse

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