Employee Oriented Tech: Relevance, Risk, and Reward

Webinar (ET)

Shawndra Jones, Senior Counsel, will join a panel discussion, "Employee Oriented Tech: Relevance, Risk, and Reward," a webinar hosted by The Hotel School at Cornell University.

Introducing new employee-oriented tech solutions can be a double-edged sword for the hospitality industry. Technology meant to enhance the employee experience offers certain benefits, including increased efficiency, but it can also carry with it legal risks, especially if the technology is not properly implemented.

As technology becomes increasingly relevant for both employers and employees, it’s more important than ever to consider the pluses and minuses of engaging staff digitally. This session will explore the relevance, risk, and reward of employee-oriented tech within hospitality.

Learning objectives include:

  • Arguments for and against digitalizing the employee experience
  • How tech solutions help you reach all employees when it matters the most
  • Methods for rolling out new technology while complying with laws and established internal processes
  • How tech solutions can improve health by preventing ill employees from coming to work
  • Points to consider regarding employees' privacy and information security

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