EHRs, PHRs and HIT in the Stimulus Package: Incentives, Disincentives and (Lots of) New Compliance Requirements

Audio Conference

Learning points and key questions to be answered:

  • The approaches Congress has taken 
  • Who will Qualify for Incentive Payments, How Much and When?
  • Does it create a HIPAA 2 compliance burden?
    • Intersections with Fraud and Abuse safe harbors
    • Personal health records platform interface
    • Impact on installed EMRs and new adoption
    • Provider system strategy implications
  • Attendees that will benefit from this conference:
    • Hospital Administrators and CEOs
    • Physicians and other Practitioners
    • Healthcare sector investors
    • Medical Software and Hardware Vendors
    • Privacy and  Security Compliance Executives

FEE:  $25 - free to the first 50 registrants!

For more information, or if you have questions, please contact:Jennifer Sunshine, (202) 861-1872 or [email protected] , or Corinne Ogu, (202) 861-1353 or [email protected]