EEOC Conciliation Efforts and Court Review After Mach Mining

Telephone Seminar (EDT)

Frank C. Morris, Jr., Member of the Firm, co-presents a telephone seminar, "EEOC Conciliation Efforts and Court Review After Mach Mining," hosted by ALI-CLE.

The Mach Mining Supreme Court decision affects every employer and respondent in every case where the EEOC finds cause in discrimination or retaliation cases and thus must conciliate. The recent decision resolves the spate of litigation over the EEOC’s efforts to fulfill Title VII’s conciliation mandate.

Topics include:

  • What did the Court hold in Mach Mining?
  • What are EEOC’s obligations in conciliation?
  • What level of court scrutiny of EEOC conciliation is appropriate?
  • What, if any, discovery concerning the adequacy conciliation process is appropriate?
  • Should employers approach conciliation differently in light of Mach Mining?
  • Is the likelihood of successful conciliation affected by Mach Mining?
  • Key open issues after Mach Mining

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