Driving Diversity in Law & Leadership: From Recruitment to Retention – The Role of Sponsorship & Mentorship

Virtual Summit (CT)

Amy K. Dow, Member of the Firm, will participate in the panel, "From Recruitment to Retention: The Role of Sponsorship & Mentorship," at the Driving Diversity in Law & Leadership Virtual Summit, part of the Women in Law Summit Series hosted by Center Force.

To create a rewarding legal career, one must seek out challenging and visible professional opportunities: getting on the right case, satisfying the important client, winning the big settlement. For women and minorities, however, finding these opportunities often isn’t enough; effective sponsors and influencers are needed to help seize them.

Behind closed doors, who is vouching for and pushing women forward for the wanted opportunities? What can women do to strategically foster sponsors and influencers?

Topics include:

  • The importance of women and minorities in law
  • Differentiating sponsors from influencers
  • Identifying current and potential sponsors
  • Redefining the “old boys network” in the legal profession

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