Don’t Be a Target of the Wage and Hour Class Action Epidemic: Tips for Avoiding Exposure


Presented by Epstein Becker Green Attorneys
Amy J. Traub and Greta Ravitsky

Wage and hour investigations and class action lawsuits continue to be a potentially serious problem for many employers, resulting in an abundance of new cases filed and many large settlements procured. In addition, in September 2011, under the guidance of the Obama Administration, the Department of Labor and IRS announced an effort to coordinate with each other to address misclassification of employees as independent contractors, which is resulting in additional investigations, fines, and/or legal liability levied on an employer.

Compliance with state and federal wage and hour laws can be very challenging. In addition to minimum wage and overtimes issues, employers are constantly faced with decisions involving "exempt vs. non-exempt" status, "independent contractor vs. employee" classification, and a multitude of wage payment issues. One mistake, no matter how small, can lead to exposure to an investigation and/or a class action, expensive legal fees, and bad publicity for your company.

In this briefing, we will address the "hot" wage and hour issues, and provide valuable insights and practical advice on how to avoid being a target of this wage and hour class action epidemic.

Topics covered will include:

  • The latest in class action techniques, and the reasons for the continuing rise in wage and hour class action claims;
  • Common, but costly, mistakes made by employers resulting in wage and hour litigation exposure;
  • A refresher course on properly classifying employees as exempt under overtime laws;
  • Important factors to consider in determining whether your independent contractors are properly classified;
  • Practical tips to avoid wage and hour liability; and
  • Important policies to be included in employee handbooks and policy manuals to minimize damages.

Who should attend: Chief Executive Officers, Business Owners, Chief Legal Counsel, Human Resources Administrators.

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