Developing a Domestic Violence Policy: Legal Considerations to Protect Your Employees and Workplace

Webinar (EDT)

Nathaniel Glasser, Member of the Firm, presents a webinar, "Developing a Domestic Violence Policy: Legal Considerations to Protect Your Employees and Workplace." 

As more and more high-profile incidents of domestic violence are being covered by the media, its adverse effects on the workplace are gaining deserved attention from employers and lawmakers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 21 percent of work-related homicides of women, and two percent of work-related homicides of men, are caused by a relative or intimate partner, showing that a significant number of instances of workplace violence have domestic origins. Abuse outside of the workplace can lead to an employee’s lost productivity and time as well. Twenty-two states - including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, Illinois, and Florida – and the District of Columbia now have enacted laws that expressly provide victims of domestic violence with either leave or protection from discrimination, or both. A number of other states and municipalities provide leave or other benefits that victims of domestic violence can take advantage of. Employers and their counsel should be aware of the various laws that may impact workers who are victims of domestic violence, as well as strategies and legal obligations to both support those employees and prevent violence in the workplace.

Mr. Glasser covers the effects of domestic violence on the workplace, and how what once was viewed as a “private,” at-home matter is a critical issue for employers and their counsel. He will address the employer’s various legal obligations not to discriminate against victims and to maintain safe workplaces, or face legal liability and will guide you in developing a policy that meets your organization’s needs.

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