Depositions in Employment Cases: Techniques and Tips


David W. Garland, Member of the Firm, joins the faculty of this ALI-ABA Webcast to present "Depositions in Employment Cases: Techniques and Tips." John Houston Pope, Member of the Firm, serves as Planning Chair for this event.

This program, designed to address deposition techniques in employment cases on an intermediate and advanced level, brings together experienced practitioners from both sides of the bar to discuss important facets of the deposition process. A roundtable discussion of practical aspects of employment case depositions will be organized around "types" of depositions — plaintiffs, decision makers, corporate representatives, coworker witnesses, among others — and around the goals to be accomplished in depositions — including summary judgment, trial, and settlement posturing.

This program offers attorneys who regularly litigate an opportunity to sharpen and improve their deposition techniques for employment cases.

Topics include:

  • Preparing for and conducting/defending the depositions of the key witnesses -- plaintiffs, decisionmakers, accused harassers, corporate representatives — in an employment case
  • Mining and incorporating information from social media sources in depositions
  • Consideration in crafting the approach to an employment deposition based on wider strategies, such as summary judgment, settlement posturing, or preparation for trial

For more information, please visit the ALI-ABA website.