CTel Conference: The Cadillac Tax – How Will It Impact Telemedicine?

Adam Solander, Member of the Firm, presents "The Cadillac Tax: How Will It Impact Telemedicine?" at the CTel Conference.


The so-called “Cadillac Tax” mandated by the Affordable Care Act, will cap the current open-ended tax break employers receive for providing their workers with health care benefits.

But, how will this new, and hefty 40 percent tax, scheduled to take effect in 2018, change how employers offer telemedicine options to employees?

The most common employer response to this new tax has been to consider reducing the richness of benefit plans offered to employees. However, one developing trend is a collaboration of employers and providers in analyzing options to mitigate the financial impact of the tax.

During this session, learn about these trends and where telemedicine fits into the mix. Hear how telemedicine could be the solution to preserving employee health care benefits.

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