Coronavirus Response Plans for Employers

Webinar (ET)

Susan Gross Sholinsky, Member of the Firm, and Nancy Gunzenhauser Popper, Associate, will present "Coronavirus Response Plans for Employers," a webinar hosted by Clear Law Institute.

As the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to have a dramatic impact worldwide, many U.S. employers are still uncertain about how they should prepare and respond to the virus and how the virus could affect their businesses and workforce.

In this practical webinar, attendees will learn about the origins and basics of spreading COVID-19, as well as:

  • Employer best practices
  • How to limit the risk
  • How to react if or when there is an outbreak in your region.

Attendees will also review frequently asked questions by employers across industries.

Upon course completion, attendees will be able to:

  • Explain how COVID-19 spreads and could affect businesses
  • Identify steps to keep employees and the workplace safe, as well as best practices to limit exposure
  • Maintain business continuity during this crisis, including use of paid time off and telework
  • Respond properly when employees refuse to work because of their concern over contamination risk
  • Determine how to pay employees under various scenarios (e.g., public health emergency declared, leave of absence, illness, self-quarantine)
  • Discuss approaches to managing their workforce when business operations are decreased or closed

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