CCA Annual Convention: The Skyrocketing Growth in Digital Health for Consumers

Las Vegas, NV

Cosmopolitan Hotel

Bradley Merrill Thompson, Member of the Firm, joins a panel discussion, "The Skyrocketing Growth in Digital Health for Consumers: New Business Offerings You Can't Ignore," at the CCA (Competitive Carriers Association) Annual Convention.

With the health and fitness wearables market to top $1.15 billion this year, the global mobile health market predicted to grow to $49 billion in 2020, and the immense surge in the aging population’s need for passive remote monitoring, it’s no wonder that all industries are paying attention and determining how to capitalize on the immeasurable opportunities.

And the crucial element at the center of all of these technologies is CONNECTIVITY. Join us as we dive into a timely discussion of how carriers can capitalize on new robust consumer offerings. Panelists will take a look at some of the latest digital health products, how regulation is fitting into the mix and why you should be paying attention to the “it’s not just hype anymore” digital health market.

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