C4CM-Counsel’s Guide to FLSA Final Rule on White Collar Exemptions

Webinar (EDT)

Jeffrey Landes, Member of the Firm, and Jeffrey Ruzal, Senior Counsel, present "C4CM-Counsel's Guide to FLSA Final Rule on White Collar Exemptions."

The DOL published the final rule to the FLSA overtime regulations on May 18th, making 4.2 million more American workers eligible for overtime pay. The final rule takes effect Dec. 1, 2016.

Counsel must prepare employers now to analyze and adapt employment guidelines, policies and procedures to determine proper classification and exemption status.

Now more than ever, employers need counsel’s guidance on compliance surrounding (1) reclassification; (2) salary increases; and (3) preparing for future increases in salary-based exemption levels.

This CLE webinar will update employment counsel on preparing employers to comply with the new overtime rules; and presents proactive strategies to mitigate the impact of 100% increase in white collar exemption.

Topics include:

  • How the DOL's Final Rule affects overtime eligibility
  • Real life impact and challenges for employers
  • Strategies to assist employers to prepare for implementation of the regulations  
  • Steps to analyze the financial impact of raising salaries vs. paying overtime
  • Policies that will help prevent unintended overtime expense
  • Counting bonuses and incentive payments toward satisfying the new minimum salary
  • Planning for 2020 automatic updates to the salary threshold
  • How to address pay increases and their effect on an employee’s exempt status
  • Methods to assess your client’s risk of improper classification
  • Specific aspects of the DOL’s final rule that did not change

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