Building the Exchanges: Seeking the Right Roadmap


Mark E. Lutes, Member of the Firm, will copresent this MCOL Healthcare WebSummit, "Building the Exchanges: Seeking the Right Roadmap."


One of the most critical components of the Affordable Care Act is the construction of healthcare insurance exchanges on the state level. These exchanges will be the primary conduit to subsidized healthcare coverage for millions of Californians who currently lack healthcare insurance.

However, big questions about how the exchanges will be constructed and operate remain wide open. How will premiums be regulated? Will Medicaid managed care plans be allowed to compete? Will some states opt out? These questions and dozens of others still require answers.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Have a clearer vision as to how the exchanges will operate
  2. Understand the benefits of offering plans outside and inside the exchanges
  3. Learn about the failures and successes of existing exchanges such as Massachusetts
  4. Obtain estimates of how many lives will be covered
  5. Gain a clearer understanding of the benefits offered within the exchanges
  6. Formulate concepts for marketing exchange health plans 

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