Bold Frontiers: Bolstering Client Relationships Amidst Change

Webinar (ET)

Amanda L. Schneider, Chief Marketing Officer, will participate in the panel discussion "Bold Frontiers: Bolstering Client Relationships Amidst Change," a webinar hosted by Thomson Reuters. 

Ms. Schneider will be joined by Dan Haley, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at Sprinklr; Michael Hart, Partner at Baker McKenzie LLP; and Richard Macklin, Partner and Global Vice Chair at Dentons.

Six months ago, every law firm had an answer for effectively engaging and enhancing client relationships. Since then, as many firms look forward to the remaining calendar year, valuable lessons have emerged with respect to client outreach, engagement, and support. This conversation explores the evolving parameters of client relationships in the current business landscape. The panel will discuss how a renewed emphasis on technology, data, collaboration, and communication is impacting customer relationships for the foreseeable future.

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