BNA Webinar: Value-Based Payment, Accountable Care, and The ACO Final Rule: Are We Making Progress?


Doug Hastings, Chair of the Board of Directors of Epstein Becker & Green, P.C., joins a BNA webinar panel discussion titled "Value-Based Payment, Accountable Care, and The ACO Final Rule: Are We Making Progress?"

Value-based payments have taken on great significance since their introduction within the context of health care reform. An important national dialogue is taking place about shifting to reimbursement and compensation programs based on performance related to quality measures instead of long-standing productivity based approaches. Now we have the Medicare ACO Final Rule, along with the Pioneer Model, the bundled payment initiative and other federal programs as well as ACO and other value-based payment initiatives blossoming at the state level and in the commercial market. With 2012 right around the corner, a key question is whether we are making progress towards the "right" end-state. This webinar will combine clinical, financial and legal perspectives to address that critical question.

Topics include:

  • The implications of changes made in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (ACO) Final Rule.
  • The clinical, financial, and legal challenges and opportunities in ACO development as things now stand.
  • What kind of value-based payment and provider risk models are likely to be sustainable?
  • What two or three capabilities are most essential for a provider organization to be able to deliver accountable care?