Avoiding the Legal Pitfalls of Hiring a Competitor’s Employees

Webinar (EDT)

Peter A. Steinmeyer, a Member of the Firm and Co-Chair of the firm's Non-Competes, Unfair Competition, and Trade Secrets Practice Group, presents “Avoiding the Legal Pitfalls of Hiring a Competitor’s Employees,” a Clear Law Institute webinar.

Topics include:

  • What are the potential legal claims when hiring from a competitor?
  • Should you ask an applicant if he has a restrictive covenant?
  • Is it appropriate to give an applicant advice regarding the likely enforceability of his restrictive covenant?
  • Should you automatically preclude an applicant with a restrictive covenant from further consideration?
  • How do you determine the actual risk of litigation when hiring from a competitor?
  • Should you indemnify a candidate against the risk of litigation for violating a restrictive covenant?
  • If a candidate has a restrictive covenant, what protective steps can you take to avoid litigation?
  • What provisions should you include in an offer letter to minimize the risk of a trade secret misappropriation claim from a competitor?
  • Should you respond to a “cease and desist” letter from the competitor? If so, how and when?
  • Once a dispute with a competitor has arisen, how can you diffuse it before the onset of full-blown, expedited litigation?

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