American Conference Institute’s In-House Counsel Forum on Medical Device Pricing and Reimbursement

The Sutton Place Hotel
21 East Bellevue Place
Chicago, IL 60611

American Conference Institute's Medical Device Pricing and Reimbursement conference is the one event that will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the ever-changing pricing and reimbursement landscape impacting the device industry. At present, all eyes are on Washington, as the industry ponders the fate of health care/insurance reform and how its possible ratification will impact current device pricing and reimbursement practices. Other industry concerns loom over FDA approvals and how possible revisions to the 510(k) and PMA processes may affect CMS determinations regarding reimbursement. In light of this evolving landscape, it is increasingly important for medical device manufacturers to understand the contemplated new guidelines and how to best develop new reimbursement strategies.

Epstein Becker Green attorney Mark E. Lutes will speak at the session entitled "Policy Considerations and Predicted Industry Trends for A Time of Contemplated Health Care/Insurance Reform" (June 15 @ 8:45 a.m.). Topics to be discussed include the following:

  • How pending health care reform legislation is affecting the device industry and current views concerning device pricing and reimbursement
    • Provisions in proposed health care/insurance reform legislation that expressly impact devices:
      • taxes
      • calculation of tax
      • deductibility

  • Policy Considerations
    • The rise in cost of insurance vs. decrease in covered services

  • Understanding how contemplated cuts in device reimbursement may influence the decisions of health care professionals
    • The effect on provider buying power and choice of device preference
    • The impact on purchasing decisions and procurement at hospitals and patient care facilities
    • Fraud and antitrust considerations relative to device purchasing decisions

  • Establishing how proposed legislation will affect decisions made by both private payors and the government relative to new technologies
    • Techniques for having new technologies reimbursed at higher rate than those which already exist

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