ALI-ABA Seminar: The New NLRB: Winds of Change in Labor Law

Telephone Seminar

For the past 27 months, the five-person National Labor Relations Board ("NLRB") had been reduced to only two members, Wilma Liebman, a Democrat whose vigorous dissents from many Bush-era decisions may foretell possible changes in NLRB law, and Peter Schaumber, a Republican whose term expires in August 2010. As a result, many controversial cases are still undecided, awaiting consideration by a newly constituted NLRB.

On March 27, 2010, President Obama made two recess appointments to the NLRB—attorneys who formerly represented labor unions. With their installation, many of the dissents by Chairman Liebman may now become established NLRB law.

Epstein Becker Green attorneys Peter M. Panken (the seminar's planning chair) and Steven M. Swirsky (one of the seminar's faculty members) and two other labor and management representatives will discuss the current status of NLRB membership, issues raised but not decided by the two-member NLRB, and issues from the Bush era that might see a different result if brought before the new NLRB.

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