AHIP Webinar: Preparing for and Overseeing Your Organization’s OCR Security Audit


Experienced attorneys Robert Hudock, Lynn Shapiro Snyder, and Patricia Wagner will present "Preparing for and Overseeing Your Organization's OCR Security Audit," an AHIP webinar.

All health insurance plans should be prepared for the possibility of being audited by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

OCR has been actively conducting audits for the past year with an intense scrutiny on security practices, as well as privacy protections. Any and all health insurance plans that store, process, or transmit electronic personal health information should be preparing for how to handle an OCR on-site audit, understand what the auditors will be seeking and reviewing, and designing substantive policies, procedures, and practices to make sure your company is implementing good faith practices and security strategies. This webinar will give participants insight into how your organization may "measure up" under an OCR review and give an indication of what OCR is implementing at companies that need to remediate compliance concerns.

Registration is limited. Please contact Kristi Swanson ([email protected] or 202.861.4186) for more information.