Age Discrimination: The New Frontier for Aging Boomers – an ALI-CLE Seminar

Telephone Seminar

Lauri Rasnick, Member of the Firm, will copresent "Age Discrimination: The New Frontier for Aging Boomers," an ALI-CLE telephone seminar. Ms. Rasnick also serves as Planning Chair of the event.

It's inevitable: there will be an increase in age discrimination as aging boomers continue to work to support their increasingly long retirement and employers seek to maximize productivity and technical skills with younger workers.

This practical webcast, featuring EEOC counsel and litigators with decades of experience enforcing and defending against age discrimination claims, will bring you up to date on the latest developments in this field and provide practical approaches to avoid and deal with administrative charges and complaints as well as summary judgment possibilities, settlement requirements, and litigation tips.
Topics include:

  • the Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • state and local laws with different standards of proof
  • litigation tactics for proving and defending age claims
  • proving the reasonable factor other than age defense
  • dealing with stray remarks and stereotyping
  • and more!

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