ACI’s 5th Annual “Big Four” Pharmaceutical Pricing Boot Camp

Millennium UN Plaza Hotel
New York, NY

Constance A. Wilkinson, Member of the Firm, will Co-Chair this conference and join a panel discussion titled "Effectively Managing the Solicitation Process and Working With the Contracting Office."

Topics include:

  • Understanding the terms of the solicitation and the obligations imposed by FAR regulations incorporated into the agreement
  • Developing SOPs for dealing with the administrative requirements imposed by the FAR regulations
  • Identifying the correct forms that must be completed and completing them properly
  • Pre-award pricing disclosures
  • Negotiating who is a "comparable customer"
  • Gathering the information the manufacturer will need to provide during the course of the solicitation process
  • Determining when a contract needs to be modified what is expected when a modification is submitted?
  • Developing a roadmap for VA FSS pharmaceutical contract negotiations
  • How has the contracting offi ce evolved over the past year
  • What best practices would the contracting office like to see manufacturers employ?
  • What changes, if any, is the contracting office contemplating since the restructuring took place?

Benjamin S. Martin, Member of the Firm, will join a panel discussion titled "Managing the Implementation and Operational Challenges Resulting from Significant Changes to the 340B Program." Topics include:

  • Purpose and function of the 340B program
  • Identifying 340B "covered entities" and "new" covered entities created under PPACA
  • Eligibility for new entities
  • Validating the eligibility of purchasers best practices for monitoring HRSA data
  • Distinguishing 340B sales from non-340B sales made to entities that fill both types of prescriptions
  • Managing the accrual uncertainty created by the expansion of the 340B program
  • Restrictions for participating covered entities
  • Understanding 340B pricing
  • Treatment of 340B sales in other federal drug pricing calculations
  • Adjusting PHS prices if and when prices are restated for Medicaid rebate purposes
  • Understanding how the new URA cap at 100% of AMP can still result in penny pricing and making system adjustments to capture this type of penny price
  • Recalculating the PHS price for "line extension" products
  • What obligations do manufacturers have to ensure that PHS pricing is available to covered entities?
  • Preventing double dipping by entities that participate in both 340B and GPO contracts
  • Update on the proposed rule for auditing processes and dispute resolution  

For more information, visit the American Conference Institute website.