Accueil New York

Madison Green5 East 22nd St
New York, NY

Moderator: Pierre Georges Bonnefil

A. Introduction of U. S. Laws Including Income Tax, Trust and Estate Tax and Regarding Transfers of Property at Death Applicable to French Citizens Investing or Residing in the United States—WHB

B. U.S. Income Tax Issues—WMP

  • What Constitutes Residency for Tax Purposes?
  • U.S. Taxation of Worldwide Income of French Citizens who are resident for US income tax purposes
  • Foreign Investment In Real Property Tax Act ( FIRPTA)
  • U.S.—France Income Tax Treaty

C. Estate and Gift Tax Issues—EHB

  • Different Definition of Residency
  • Application of French-U.S. Estate and Gift Tax Treaty
  • Planning for Marital Assets
  • QDOT Trust

D. U. S. Laws Regarding the Transfer of Property at Death—PAS

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Jointly-Owned Assets
  • Beneficiary Designation of Life Insurance and 401(k) Accounts and Pension Plans
  • Planning for Problems of Illness and Incapacity

E. Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Planning—PGB

  • Pre- and Post-Planning for Income and Estate Purposes

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