ABA Federal Labor Standards Legislation Committee Midwinter Meeting: The Biden Department of Labor – What to Expect and How to Prepare

Webinar (ET)

Paul DeCamp, Member of the Firm, will participate in the panel discussion, "The Biden Department of Labor: What to Expect and How to Prepare," at the 2021 Federal Labor Standards Legislation (FLSL) Committee Midwinter Meeting, which runs from February 18 to 19, hosted by the American Bar Association's (ABA) Labor and Employment Law Section.

As the Biden administration takes over the White House, it is expected that the principles and initiatives set forth in Build Back Better will result in evolving national labor and employment policy. Panelists will discuss many of the initiatives – either anticipated or that have occurred in the first thirty days under the new administration – including changes in wage and hour laws, employee leave initiatives, department enforcement initiatives, and other areas in which the DOL may impact the substantive legal areas covered by the FLSL Committee.

Within this discussion, the panel will explore the various ways in which the Biden Administration’s anticipated agenda may be pushed – whether it will be achieved via legislative action, regulatory action, Executive Orders, or other sub-regulatory methods such as opinion letters, fact sheets and/or directives. This will be an interactive session in which the panelists will engage in some “point/counter-point” as they share what they may hope to see or fear come out of the DOL in these areas, depending on what they see in their crystal balls, as soon as within the next few months, to as long as a few years from now.

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