2016 Year in Review: Trade Secrets and Non-Compete Developments

Webinar (EST)

Robert D. Goldstein, Anthony J. Laura, and Peter M. Steinmeyer, Members of the Firm, present "2016 Year in Review: Trade Secrets and Non-Compete Developments," a Thomson Reuters Practical Law webinar. This event will provide insights into recent developments and expected trends in the evolving legal landscape of trade secrets and non-competition agreements. 

Topics will include:

  • The Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA), including the new federal remedies available to employers and the steps they need to take to fully benefit from them.
  • Newly passed state statutes addressing restrictive covenants, including who can enter into them, industry restrictions, and temporal restrictions.
  • Recent decisions regarding what constitutes adequate consideration for a non-compete.
  • Interesting developments determining choice of law issues, including a new California statute restricting choice of law provisions.
  • Administrative agency developments, including agency enforcement actions cracking down on non-competes.

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