2015 Blue National Summit

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Convention Center

George Breen, Jason Christ, and Carrie Valiant, Members of the Firm, will speak at the 2015 Blue National Summit, which runs from April 20 to 23.

On April 20, Mr. Breen will copresent "Government Investigations in the Age of Social Media: #BraveNewWorld." In a world focused on "Texting," "Tweeting," "IM'ing," and "SnapChatting," a host of new challenges face insurers and other healthcare entities subjected to government scrutiny. Business and employee communications - both within and outside of an organization - pose legal and management risks. Using real life examples, this session will examine how these communications serve as roadmaps for the government - and potential whistleblowers - to develop information and pursue areas of inquiry, and offer tips to proactively limit exposure.

On April 22, Ms. Valiant and Mr. Christ will present "Risk Areas and Enforcement Trends for Medicare and Health Exchange Plans.” This presentation will focus on risk areas and government enforcement specific to payors. This will cover Medicare Advantage, Part D, and Heath Exchange plans. Topics will include a discussion of recent sanctions and DOJ settlements; OIG and CMS enforcement priorities; and, related compliance program and operational implications. The presentation will also discuss how to respond to government investigations and demands.

For more information, please contact Mr. Breen, Mr. Christ, and Ms. Valiant.